Online Workplace Violent Incident Reporting form

As you are probably aware, you are required to report violent incidents that cause or could cause physical injury, whether the force is actual, attempted or threatened. Despite mitigating circumstances (age, special needs, presence of an IEP) you still must report.

If you are the victim of a violent incident (even if it was an attempt or a threat) you must fill out this report. Classroom evacuations are also considered violent incidents and so should be reported using the new online step by step reporting form instructions accessed to RCDSB.

[break] This online form has drop-downs choices to guide you through:

  • if you are injured what forms are additionally required
  • whether the incident triggers a Safe Schools Incident Report form
  • how to describe an aggressive incident
  • whether behaviour is considered for suspension or expulsion


The forms are found under RCDSB Employees drop-down labelled eBase

Step-by-step Aggressive Incident and Safe Schools Reporting Instructions

If you have questions or are being deterred from reporting in any way, please contact us or the ETFO steward within the school for guidance.