ETFO Building Better Schools

ETFO Building Better Schools

BBSOn April 2, the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario released Building Better Schools, its education agenda aimed at fostering a better learning environment for all students, including those with special needs.  The platform focuses on six priorities:

1.  Smaller classes for all elementary students
2.  More specialist teachers
3.  More resources for students with special needs
4.  More meaningful student assessment beyond EQAO
5.  A strong union voice
6.  Greater focus on equal opportunity and inclusion for students

“These proposals come directly from our members, teachers, and other education professionals, whose job it is to teach basic skills, and foster creativity, innovation, and a love of learning in students to ensure they succeed.  They are also priorities for parents,” says ETFO President Sam Hammond.

Visit and read more about each building block, and rank your priorities.

Download the Building Better Schools platform.

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