Understanding Regulation 274

In September 2012, the provincial government filed Ontario Regulation 274/12 under the Education Act.  The regulation establishes steps all publicly funded school boards are required to follow when hiring for long-term occasional (LTO) positions and new permanent teaching positions.  Above is ETFO’s guide to how Regulation 274/12 works.

OT Evaluation Framework and Template

As of February 2014, evaluations using this form will only be conducted for Occasional Teachers on LTO assignments of four months or longer.  One satisfactory evaluation is all that is needed by LTO members.  This new process involves a meeting, one or more classroom observations, and the opportunity to present a portfolio.

Daily OTs wanting input on their teaching are encouraged to ask principals to observe their teaching and get feedback.  This will be informal only, but will be of value when applying for the LTO Hiring List.  You will require references when applying for the List.  Please disregard all previous info on evaluation expectations for Occasional Teachers.

Executive Nomination Form

In an election year, or between elections if there has been a call to fill vacancies, this is the form you use to express interest and register your nomination to serve on the Local Executive.