Health & Safety Reporting

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 If you are reporting an aggressive or violent incident involving yourself, please complete the following two forms online through eBase:

  1. The Safe Schools Report  

  2. The Aggressive Incident Report

If this violent incident involves a pupil and the behaviour of the pupil can lead to a suspension, you MUST also complete a Safe Schools Report form.  Examples of such behaviour would be: uttering a threat, swearing at a teacher or at another person in a position of authority, bullying.

Safe Schools Incident Reporting

  1. The RCDSB Safe Schools Incident Reporting Form are available online through eBase on the Board website. RCDSB login required.

The behaviour should be reported to the principal as soon as possible so that the principal can formulate a response.  You are asked to complete a Safe Schools Report Form on every occasion regarding student misconduct which can lead to a suspension or expulsion.

Wherever possible, it is expected that the teacher will provide an oral report to the principal at the earliest, safe opportunity.  The online report must be submitted when it is safe to do so and ideally no later than 24hrs after the incident.  Form provides a list of activities for which suspension/expulsion must be considered.

For your own protection, ETFO is advising members that they forward their completed copy to the Union Local instead of relying on it later being forwarded by Principal when action has been taken on the incident.