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In Calabogie this summer the ETFO Learning Academy presents Classroom Management to Classroom Community. Hosted at Calabogie Peaks Lodge from July 23-25th, register HERE

Professional Learning Reimbursements

Members can apply for a $100 AQ course reimbursement by submitting proof of enrollment and receipt of payment to our president for AQ courses. Additionally, the Local has created a Book Fund so members may purchase an educational resource book and receive a $50 reimbursement once per year.  In order to receive this funding, your chosen resource must be pre-approved (sorry no teacher-pay-teacher stuff).  Please email the president, with your name, title of resource, and email address.  After approval, and upon submission of a copy of an official receipt, a cheque will be issued.

ROE request form posted

Occasional teachers who require a record of employment (ROE) for EI over Summer Break must complete a google form that can be found on the SmartFind homepage after you log-in, or RCDSB Site under Board-> Business Services-> Payroll, then scroll down to Forms and use ROE Request Form Summer 2019

( is a quick link.

(This google form process will ensure that anyone requiring a ROE gets one sent directly digitally, but still be sure to file ASAP after your last day worked!)

ETFO also created A Member’s Guide to Employment Insurance, a comprehensive read for all members including OTs in March of 2018

Teachers do have fun!!

The Ottawa Redblacks versus the BC Lions on Saturday, September 21 at 7 pm.

Tickets are only $43.50 each and are in the ever popular South Side in Section NN. 

 Please send an email to to secure your tickets today!

Gerry Dee (The Mr. D) performs in Pembroke June 27th

Professional Relations Services

PRS is a 24hr service for all members of our Federation providing legal assistance against allegations that are related to teaching duties and employment responsibilities. 1-888-838-3836

PRS creates Bulletins to advise members. A full list can be found here

Effective and Efficient SmartFind Use

Take the time to review this information to help the SmartFind system work as efficiently and effectively as possible to get jobs accepted.

To limit unnecessary declines:

  • ensure that your General available times (under Schedule) is correct
  • enter your future unavailability times/dates as soon as you know them
  • be willing to travel to every location in your SmartFind profile
  • ensure your SmartFind profile only includes the classifications you are willing to teach

If changes are required to your locations and/or classifications, email

To limit unnecessary unanswered calls:

  • check that your call back number is correct
  • ensure that you have not checked the “Call for future assignments” when entering an Unavailable Date (example shown below)

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Increasing your SmartFind job offers

If you aren’t getting enough work, or would like more just change your profile to include more schools within the SmartFind System just email HR Officer Lise Harrington,, and request more schools be added to your profiles.

Conversely, if you have schools you no longer wish to be called for (travel time, seasonal weather, poor experience) again inform HR Officer Lise Harrington and the school can be taken off your profile. Having a school outside of your SmartFind profile does not exclude you from making LTO applications to positions there.

It is important to manage your SmartFind job offers diligently- statistics are tracked by the board. For more info see the July 4th post below.