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Your New Executive

Hello everybody!
After our AGM on April 25th in Cobden, we are pleased to introduce your new executive for the next two years.

Jamieson Dyer, President – Jamieson has previous experience on the Kawartha Pine Ridge OT Local around Peterborough, and experience working as an OT for two other school boards in Ontario. He has also completed Union School, Parliamentarian Training, Leadership Conferences and represented his local at provincial AGMs, POTs and Rep Councils, and participated in collective bargaining.
Kris Barrie, Vice President – Kris has been involved with the executive in various positions for several years now, including previously holding the position of president.
Michelle Jaques, Treasurer – Michelle took over as secretary early in 2018 before being elected to the role of treasurer, and will be continuing in the role of interim secretary.
Jordanna Forrest, Member-at-Large – Jordanna has been involved as member-at-large for the past few years, attending POTS meetings and assisting with audits. And now acts as our Social Justice and Equity Chair.

Elaine Neigel, Secretary/H&S Rep – Elaine joins us as with previous experience from the Renfrew County teacher local executive. There Elaine was involved with Professional Learning/Development and Health & Safety Committees and currently is chair of our H&S Committee.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact any executive member. Contact info can be found under the About Us tab, or contact info for Jamieson located in the yellow box on the homepage.

Swipe Cards for OTs

Card-ReaderThe RCDSB will now be providing swipe cards for all occasional teachers on the OT list.  These will allow access to all schools 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM on weekdays.  

Please contact your preferred school and ask for a swipe card.  The office administrator or principal will take your picture and send the information to the Board for processing.  You will then pick up your swipe card at the school.

For information regarding usage, see these Directions for Swipe Card Use.  If you have any questions about the linked instructions, or run into any difficulties, please contact Pat Sullivan, Records Assistant with the RCDSB, (613) 735-0151 x2269.

Volunteering at School

Many members volunteer in classroom settings with the hope that volunteer work will improve their chances for full-time, permanent contracts or long-term occasional work.

This could be a professional liability.  Whether your volunteer activity involves contact with students, parents, colleagues or other members of the school community, you are at risk of being subject to complaints about your conduct.  The distinction between your paid and unpaid work may not be understood by other members of the school community.  They will expect the same level of professionalism regardless of the duties you perform; it is likely the OCT will also share the same view.

The protections and entitlements negotiated for ETFO members generally only apply to paid positions, not to volunteer activities.  Be aware that you are not covered for issues arising during volunteer activities outside your professional obligations.

Working for no pay is not something ETFO views to be in a member’s best interest.  Your professional services are valuable to the employer and the education community.  Work should be compensated.


  • Volunteering in a school setting is by choice and members should not be coerced or pressured by promises of full-time work.
  • There should be a formal written plan in place clarifying the scope of your volunteer role.
  • The hours of the volunteer work should be formalized.
  • If you are not being paid as an Occasional Teacher, you should not be taking on the responsibilities of the Teacher.  The classroom Teacher must have all responsibility for planning, supervision, discipline, assessment, communications with parents, and teaching.
  • All parties should be aware of the limitations you have in your volunteer capacity:  this includes staff colleagues, students, and parents.  It must be clear that you are attending in a volunteer capacity.
  • Continue to conduct yourself professionally.  Maintain boundaries and professional work habits.  Maintain positive, professional relationships with staff.
  • Minimize your involvement in activities that will expose you to risk of injury or liability for which you have limited or no coverage.
  • Be sure to notify the school administration when participating in a field trip or event outside your paid assignment.