January 9, 2020

ETFO Phase 1 Work-to-Rule began on November 26, 2019

ETFO Phase 2 Work-to-Rule began December 10th, 2019

ETFO Phase 3 Work-to-Rule begins on January 13th, 2020

*if necessary* ETFO Phase 4 Strike Action begins on January 20th, 2020

Summary of ETFO’s Phases found here

Central Bargaining Update
For six months, this government has refused to make a commitment.

The Minister of Education claims only a few bargaining issues are outstanding but that is not true. There isn’t a single substantive area where agreement has been reached.

At this week’s meetings, ETFO was advised in clear and unequivocal terms that the government’s bargaining team:

  • does not have the authority to negotiate any additional funding to deal with classroom violence;
  • does not have the authority to entertain discussions about Kindergarten, Junior or Intermediate class size changes;
  • has not accepted ETFO’s proposal that funding needs to be renewed for special education and specialist teaching positions to support early years special needs, Indigenous students, “at risk” students and English Language Learners;
  • does not have the authority to negotiate professional time for ETFO’s DECE, ESP and PSP members;
  • has not advanced a proposal to renew Professional Development/Learning funds for ETFO’s DECE ESP and PSP members; and
  • does not have the authority to negotiate a cost of living increase to compensation.

In addition, the government’s bargaining team:

  • continues to demand that ETFO teacher and occasional teacher members agree to up to $150 million in reductions to public elementary education spending;
  • continues to demand that ETFO remove any language in local collective agreements that puts limits on elementary class sizes;
  • has not accepted ETFO’s proposal that the current Kindergarten model be maintained; and
  • continues to propose the elimination of fair and transparent hiring practices for occasional teachers.

The Ford government caused massive problems for high school students this year. We will not allow this government to duplicate those mistakes in the elementary system.

Answers to questions members may have can be found on the ETFO Collective Bargaining website www.etfocb.ca in the section.

The media and Minister’s Office can sometimes engage in unfounded speculation around bargaining. So “ Don’t believe it until you hear it directly from ETFO.”