Frequently Asked Questions

I usually apply for Employment Insurance in the summer. Can I apply this year?

Occasional members (OT/DECE/ESP/PSP) and permanent members who are considered laid off for July and August can apply for Employment Insurance (EI) through Service Canada as usual this year. Once approved, they will automatically be moved to CERB. Bi-weekly reports will still need to be filled out. Once the CERB entitlement ends, members will automatically be transitioned back onto their EI claim if they have not returned to full-time work.

The number of hours to qualify for EI have been reduced as they are calculated based on regional unemployment rates. A search by postal code can be done on the Service Canada website to determine the number of hours needed in a member’s region.  

The CERB program has been extended to allow for two more 4-week periods of entitlement, for a total of six 4-week periods. If a member does not have enough hours to qualify for EI, they may still qualify for CERB. The details of qualifying factors and how it applies to various scenarios are outlined on the Government of Canada website. The eight week extension of CERB specifically allows applicants to receive the benefit if they are out of work due to COVID-19 or are eligible for EI or have exhausted an EI claim between December 29, 2019 and October 3, 2020.  

Members who are unsure if their individual circumstances will allow them to qualify for EI or CERB over the summer should reach out to Service Canada.

End of year tidbits

All ROEs were submitted in April after our lump-sum payment. If you have worked since then another ROE will be directly issued electronically to EI after the final pay period reconciliation. There will be no Google Form (as previously done) to request prioritization. 

No one is sure what the Fall school year start-up will look like exactly. Or how it will progress throughout the Fall/Winter/Spring. Provincially ETFO, and your Local here with the Board, are advocating on your behalf. Information will be held until August as more answers are provided, and the specifics become clearer. Our priorities will be heard on the RCDSB Return to School/Work joint-committee.

SmartFind will have a new login protocol online, details will be sent to your rcdsb email account and posted on the SmartFind login webpage. If you need help, contact the IT Helpdesk (

The RCDSB calendar will be posted on our website when it’s approved by the Ministry.

The LTO list recently added 18 names through the interview process bringing the total to 45 people. Seniority is chronological, based on the members hire date to the board (not when they joined the LTO list).

ETFO provincial resources for OTs

Latest ETFO website updates on COVID-19

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Protect yourself- OCT Video Conferencing Guidelines

Expanded CERB eligibility rules April 15th

Canada Emergency Response Benefit vs. Employment Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions: The Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) and Employment Insurance (EI)

The Local hosted an online Annual General Meeting on May 21st. Thank you to all those who attended this new format.

Congratulations to the new 2020-2022 Local Executive

President- Jamieson Dyer

Vice-President- Elaine Neigel

Treasurer- Michelle Jaques

Secretary- Jordy Forrest

Member at Large- Christina Donohue

Professional Development & Learning Fund

For the 2019-20 school year, the members at the Fall General Meeting on Oct 23rd have approved a fund to support the costs of workshops, ABQ/AQs and Professional Learning resources. Members can apply this year, for a qualifications course $100 reimbursement by submitting proof of enrollment and receipt of payment to our president.

Additionally, members may purchase an educational resource book and receive a $50 reimbursement once per year. In order to receive this funding, your chosen resource must be pre-approved (sorry no teacher-pay-teacher stuff). Just email the president, with your name, title of resource, and email address.  After approval, and upon submission of a receipt, a cheque will be issued.

Funds are distributed on a “first come, first served” basis until the budgeted amount is depleted. This year a fund of $5000 was approved at the Fall GM. Keep on learnin’