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Fall General Meeting for the Renfrew OT Local

The date and location has been set for our Fall General Meeting. Please set aside October 24th @ 5:30pm for the complimentary dinner and business meeting immediately following. This will be held again at the Cobden Legion located at 43A Main St, Cobden, ON K0J 1K0. This is an opportunity to ask questions to Executive members, join committees, network with other OTs, and learn about the Professional Learning/Development opportunities that are available. Door prizes, ETFO teaching resources and dinner are once again free for members!

If interested in attending please RSVP to president@renfrewotl.ca  Further details are sent individually closer to the date.

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Personal Emergency Leave (PEL) days

RCDSB has developed a PEL information package PEL Information Sheet and a PEL Google
form Personal Leave Forms

Summarizing the PEL Information Sheet it is defined as

  • personal, injury or medical emergency;
  • the death, illness or medical emergency of an individual related to the employee (immediate family and/or spouse’s relatives);
  • an urgent matter that concerns an individual, as described above.

The employee is entitled to a maximum of 10 days of P.E.L. in a calendar year with the two first days being paid by the employer (must be employed for a least a week).

The RCDSB has not yet developed a comprehensive process to administer these leave days, and requests are being processed every few pay periods. See the following link for a more complete description of Bill 148. Employment Standards Act



Second Fall paid training PA Day changed to May 17th

On Sept 28th after examining the Provincially Mandated content of the Oct 5th PA Day (Board/School Improvement Planning focused on the implementation strategies to improve student achievement) the board decided to move the second paid 1/2 day of training for Occasional Teachers to May 17th.

On May 17th the PA Day training content will be chosen by the school Principal from the Provincially Mandated list (Indigenous Education, equity, focus on mathematics, promoting well-being, and teacher development) and is better suited to Occasional Teachers. At that time you can contact a Principal and ask about the arrangements at that particular school.

May is also the month when OT Renewal Forms are due back. This creates an excellent opportunity to review all the mandatory training during the paid 1/2 day in case you are one of the 50 or so OTs that did not participate on Sept 14th.

You can review the training modules on your own by logging into our RCDSB staff site where you can see all the different modules for review.

Employees -> Staff site -> login -> Departments -> Health & Safety -> Health & Safety Training.

Our list is below also includes AP- Administrative Procedures  which are found under

Our Board -> Administrative Procedures and Forms

  • Anaphylaxis (Sabrina’s Law)
  • Asthma (Ryan’s Law)
  • Concussion (Rowan’s Law)
  • Bill 132 Sexual Harassment Law
  • Incident First Aid Report Module
  • AP 140 Code of Conduct
  • AP 141 Computers, Network, Internet and Electronic Devices *newly revised*
  • AP 568 Fraud Management

Workplace Violence Incident Reporting

As you are probably aware, you are required to report violent incidents that cause or could cause physical injury, whether the force is actual, attempted or threatened. Despite mitigating circumstances (age, special needs, presence of an IEP) you still must report.

If you are the victim of a violent incident (even if it was an attempt or a threat) you must fill out this report. Classroom evacuations are also considered violent incidents and so should be reported using this Google form too. Aggressive Incident Report F-311-3  Please note the link for the Workplace Violence Reporting form above only works within RCDSB log-ins, the standard form on the board website Public site RCDSB Form 311-1

In addition:

  • if you are injured – report injury to your principal and fill out injury reporting form and/or WSIB forms
  • if the incident is serious and could be considered for suspension or expulsion-  fill out the Safe Schools Incident Reporting Form

If you have questions or are being deterred from reporting in any way, please contact the ETFO steward within the school for guidance.

Increasing your SmartFind job offers

If you aren’t getting enough work, or would like more just change your profile to include more schools within the SmartFind System just email HR Officer Lise Harrington, harringtonl@rcdsb.on.ca, and request more schools be added to your profiles.

Conversely, if you have schools you no longer wish to be called for (travel time, seasonal weather, poor experience) again inform HR Officer Lise Harrington and the school can be taken off your profile. Having a school outside of your SmartFind profile does not exclude you from making LTO applications to positions there.

It is important to manage your SmartFind job offers diligently- statistics are tracked by the board. For more info see the July 4th post below.

Teaching Health & Phys. Ed Curriculum

ETFO has been holding rallies, starting petitions and speaking out against the repeal by the Provincial Conservatives of the 2015 curriculum documents. So where does that leave an OT in a Renfrew County classroom? Read more and find out…

ETFO is advising its members to…

The Renfrew County District School Board has joined…  

Letter from Director Aug 30th   District Letter – HPE curriculum

SmartFind Statistics are tracked

The Renfrew County District School Board Human Resources Department can keep statistics on calls made by SmartFind to Occasional Teachers. The statistics on Hang-Ups, Unanswered Calls, Declines, and Cancellations are accessible to the employer.

Read more in your Collective Agreement section L22.00 – REMOVAL FROM OCCASIONAL TEACHER ROSTER  (found in RESOURCES drop down above, in C.A. on page 52)


Your New Executive

Hello everybody!
After our AGM on April 25th in Cobden, we are pleased to introduce your new executive for the next two years.

Jamieson Dyer, President – Jamieson has previous experience on the Kawartha Pine Ridge OT Local around Peterborough, and experience working as an OT for two other school boards in Ontario. He has also completed Union School, Parliamentarian Training, Leadership Conferences and represented his local at provincial AGMs, POTs and Rep Councils, and participated in collective bargaining.
Kris Barrie, Vice President – Kris has been involved with the executive in various positions for several years now, including previously holding the position of president.
Michelle Jaques, Treasurer – Michelle took over as secretary early in 2018 before being elected to the role of treasurer, and will be continuing in the role of interim secretary.
Jordanna Forrest, Member-at-Large – Jordanna has been involved as member-at-large for the past few years, attending POTS meetings and assisting with audits. And now acts as our Social Justice and Equity Chair.

Elaine Neigel, Secretary/H&S Rep – Elaine joins us as with previous experience from the Renfrew County teacher local executive. There Elaine was involved with Professional Learning/Development and Health & Safety Committees and currently is chair of our H&S Committee.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact any executive member. Contact info can be found under the About Us tab, or contact info for Jamieson located in the yellow box on the homepage.