SmartFind Statistics are tracked

The Renfrew County District School Board Human Resources Department can keep statistics on calls made by SmartFind to Occasional Teachers. The statistics on Hang-Ups, Unanswered Calls, Declines, and Cancellations are accessible to the employer.

Read more in your Collective Agreement section L22.00 – REMOVAL FROM OCCASIONAL TEACHER ROSTER  (found in RESOURCES drop down above, in C.A. on page 52)


Paid PD for OTs in Fall 2018


The first two PA days in the Fall (Sept 14th and Oct 5th) are opportunities for a paid 1/2 day of training for all Occasional Teachers.

The Diabetes and Epilepsy modules are newly mandated (Feb 2018), and training will be provided starting in September 2018. These PA days are an opportunity to participate in the new Health & Safety Training within any school.

This is two opportunities for all to ALSO review and learn more about all the training mentioned on the renewal forms this May:

  • Anaphylaxis (Sabrina’s Law)
  • Asthma (Ryan’s Law)
  • Concussion (Rowan’s Law)
  • Bill 132 Sexual Harassment Law
  • Incident First Aid Report Module
  • AP 140 Code of Conduct
  • AP 141 Computers, Network, Internet and Electronic Devices *newly revised*
  • AP 568 Fraud Management

Offence Declarations due soon!

Please be reminded that all members are required to complete their yearly Offence Declaration on the Employee Self Serve (ESS) Portal no later than June 30, 2018.

To access the ESS Portal, go the Board website and click Employees > Employee Self Service > (ESS) Portal > Login. You will use the same information to access the Portal as you use to access your Board email account.

Once in the Portal click on Employee Services (under Employee Services) > Make Offence Declaration..

EI codes for Education Professionals

Effective the 2018 summer period, reference codes are no longer required for school-related EI applications. Recent modernization and transformation of the EI application process and enhancements to internal work tools have enabled the same quality of service to be offered to applicants without the use of a reference code. Processing delays attributed to lost or incorrect reference codes will no longer occur, ensuring clients receive more consistent services for all types of EI benefits.

Your New Executive

Hello everybody!

After our AGM on April 25th in Cobden, we are pleased to introduce your new executive for the next two years.

Jamieson Dyer, President – Jamieson has previous experience on the Kawartha Pineridge Local, and experience working for two other school boards in Ontario. He has also completed Union School and Parliamentarian Training, has previously been to the provincial AGM and Rep Councils, and participated in collective bargaining.

Kris Barrie, Vice President – Kris has been involved with the executive in various positions for several years now, including previously holding the position of president.

Krysta Murack, outgoing Treasurer – Krysta has been involved with the executive for a few years, and is transitioning out of her role of treasurer.

Michelle Jaques, Secretary/Treasurer – Michelle took over as secretary early in 2018 before being elected to the role of treasurer, and will be continuing in the role of interim secretary.

Jordanna Forrest, Member-at-Large – Jordanna has been involved as member-at-large for the past few years, attending POTS meetings and assisting with audits.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact any executive member. Contact info can be found under the About Us tab, or contact info for Jamieson located in the yellow box to the right.