PAID Online Health & Safety Training!!

We’ve just negotiated another opportunity for PAID PD for OTs in RCDSB until March 7th.

Please take advantage before March 7th using the RCDSB Staff site (login the same as any board computer) then follow the directions below if you were one of the people who missed out on the Sept 14th PA day to receive a 1/2 day paid Health and Safety training to complete:

DIABETES MODULE – “New” September 2018

EPILEPSY/SEIZURE MODULE – “New” September 2018

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New online Workplace Violent Incident Reporting form

As you are probably aware, you are required to report violent incidents that cause or could cause physical injury, whether the force is actual, attempted or threatened. Despite mitigating circumstances (age, special needs, presence of an IEP) you still must report.

If you are the victim of a violent incident (even if it was an attempt or a threat) you must fill out this report. Classroom evacuations are also considered violent incidents and so should be reported using this new online reporting form accessed through the RCDSB Staff Site.

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Paid PD on PA Day May 17th

On May 17th the PA Day training content will be chosen by the school Principal from the Provincially Mandated list (Indigenous Education, equity, focus on mathematics, promoting well-being, and teacher development). Contact a Principal and ask about the arrangements at that particular school. May is also the month when OT Renewal Forms are due back. This creates an excellent opportunity to review the online training modules and Administrative Procedures related to our positions as OTs.

You can review either on your own by logging into our RCDSB staff site where you can see all the different modules for review.

Employees -> Staff site -> login -> Departments -> Health & Safety -> Health & Safety Training.

Our list is below also includes AP- Administrative Procedures  which are found under

Our Board -> Administrative Procedures and Forms

  • Anaphylaxis (Sabrina’s Law)
  • Asthma (Ryan’s Law)
  • Concussion (Rowan’s Law)
  • Diabetes Module   *new*
  • Epilepsy/Seizure Module   *new*
  • Bill 132 Sexual Harassment Law
  • Incident First Aid Report Module
  • AP 140 Code of Conduct
  • AP 141 Computers, Network, Internet and Electronic Devices *newly revised*
  • AP 568 Fraud Management

Proposed calendar for the RCDSB 2019-20 school year

Each school year must have 194 instructional days between September 1 and June 30. Of those 194 days, 7 must be PA Days. Next year, the calendar will have 196 instructional days between September 1 and June 30.  Which means the Board will designated two unpaid holidays. These two holidays, as well as two (of the seven) PA days, and the last day of school have yet to be placed.

So far the following dates were agreed upon and will be suggested to the RCDSB Trustees for approval:

Supporting Professional Learning by OTs

At the Renfrew OT Local’s Fall General Meeting the annual budget was approved by members to include Professional Learning funding of 40x $100 for professional learning course reimbursements, 25x $50 professional resource reimbursements, 25x $50 GM attendee resources. Funds are distributed on a “first come, first served” basis until the budget line is depleted. 

Members can apply this year for a $100 reimbursement by submitting proof of enrollment and receipt of payment to our president for AQ courses. Additionally, the Local has created a Book Fund so members may purchase an educational resource book and receive a $50 reimbursement once per year.  In order to receive this funding, your chosen resource must be pre-approved (sorry no teacher-pay-teacher stuff).  Please email the president, with your name, title of resource, and email address.  After approval, and upon submission of a copy of an official receipt, a cheque will be issued.

“There is nothing noble in being superior to others; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”

Effective and Efficient SmartFind Use

Take the time to review this information to help the SmartFind system work as efficiently and effectively as possible to get jobs accepted.

To limit unnecessary declines:

  • ensure that your General available times (under Schedule) is correct
  • enter your future unavailability times/dates as soon as you know them
  • be willing to travel to every location in your SmartFind profile
  • ensure your SmartFind profile only includes the classifications you are willing to teach

If changes are required to your locations and/or classifications, email

To limit unnecessary unanswered calls:

  • check that your call back number is correct
  • ensure that you have not checked the “Call for future assignments” when entering an Unavailable Date (example shown below)

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